Satellite image of North America with green shading and neon green highlighting
Satellite image of North America with green shading and neon green highlighting



Pride EV’s commitment to sustainability

At Pride EV, our mission is to protect future generations by reducing the environmental impact of the transportation industry. Offering world-class electric medium-to-heavy vehicles, we run a turnkey operation that eases the process of assembling your sustainable fleet. As you transition to this new wave of transportation, our visionary team will provide full-service support so we can build a greener future together.

Offering access to elite electric equipment for economic and environmental progress

Pride Group Enterprises entered the EV market with an awareness that electrification is imminent for the future of transportation. We’ve made great strides toward preparing for a cleaner, brighter future by investing in top-of-the-line electric vehicles and charging equipment. By sourcing your assets from Pride EV, you will gain access to electric-powered vehicles that will drive your economic and environmental success.

Capitalize on the benefits of sourcing your fleet from Pride EV

As the Canadian Federal Government aims to achieve net-zero GHG emissions in Canada by 2050 and the USA’s Federal Government passes more stringent regulations on fuel economy and emissions to limit the annual 47.2-billion-gallon diesel consumption in commercial transportation, electrifying your equipment will soon become the new norm. Pride EV will help you follow these government initiatives and take advantage of the incentives supporting EV pilot projects for the commercial sector, which could accelerate your ROI to less than 4 years.

Our specialists will guide you through finding the right equipment, tools and information to reap the other benefits of choosing EV:

  • Average 40% savings on diesel costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs on simplistic EV infrastructure without a combustion engine (approx. 150 to 1 moving parts ratio)
  • Providing easy remote monitoring with on-board telematics collecting speed data, driver habits and vehicle maintenance statuses
  • Improved driver experiences and higher retention with quieter, lower-maintenance vehicles:
    • Lowered engine noise with electric drivetrain
    • Eliminated combustion engine vibrations & combustion engine-fluid irritants
    • Lack of pulleys and belts causing noise and requiring extensive maintenance